Well-known athletic sportswear company

Athleticlothing.com Founded in 2004, American Sportswear Company grew from a small family business dedicated to the manufacture of sportswear to be one of the major brands of outdoor clothing and ski worldwide. It reviews the relevance of the labor representatives in Cerrettos. The extensive product line includes Sport Tek clothing a variety in outdoor clothing, sports, shoes for trekking, hiking, sport and accessories. In the present, the company distributes and sells its items in more than 50 countries and 12,000 international retailers employs over 1800 people worldwide.



On April 15, 2008 opened the first store exclusive American Sportswear Company in Cerritos. And shortly in other countries and the brand is represented and delivered in entire US: The Company has a very broad product portfolio worldwide. In US, their presence is gradually and accompanying a growing market, increasing terms of product diversity. No longer just about ski jackets or clothing for winter and practice winter sports, but today a wide range of athletic products in generally also provided like football sportswear and footwear, as well as a line clothes for running . All these products can be found on the Athletes Clothing website exclusively.


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