How to create a design on paper for athletic clothing?

Use system to transfer casual wear can be very beneficial because of resistance by washing their clothes, ease of use and speed of production. However, it should be noted that like all printing techniques and testing practices needed to achieve the best results. Get Augusta sportswear right now.





  1. Problem Cause / Solution the ink does not separate from paper. a. Standby time of the transfer insufficient. Increasing drying temperature and dwell time
  2. b. You are using the wrong side of the transfer paper. Contraction of the paper. Before printing, “Contreras” paper passing through the tunnel by placing paper in a heated oven.
  3. Insufficient transfer temperature.
  4. Standby time of the transfer insufficient.
  5. The adhesive base is completely dry before transfer.
  6. Adhesive level too low. Use coarser meshes. Poor adhesion between layers of ink.
  7. The ink tank is dried excessively. Reduce the drying period. ‘Bubbles’ or flat areas on the prints transferred. a. Solvent trapped in the ink tank. Layer ink is not dry. Increase drying time between layers of ink before applying adhesive. you can get athletic brands clothing s well.

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